Easy and Simple Steps for SQL Recovery



STEP 1: SQL Recovery Software: Go to the Start menu» Programs »SQL Recovery » SQL Recovery Following initial software screen will be displayed:


STEP 2: Click on Open button, to select the MDF file. Then software will display following screen:



STEP 3: Then choose the corrupt or damaged MDF file and click on Open button.



STEP 4: Now select the Scan Mode and SQL Server Version



STEP 4: If you have to recover NDF file also, then click new feature of this software "NDF Option"



STEP 5: Choose and Open NDF File



STEP 6: After this, software will show you the location path of selected MDF file then click on Recover button to start the recovery process."



STEP 7: After repaired MDF file using demo version, you can Save the recovered file in .str format



STEP 8: Select the location for saving .str file



STEP 9: Preview the recovered content from the repaired MDF file. Software will show you all the recovered elements from the repaired MDF file like its tables, views, stored procedures etc as follows:



STEP 10: Click on the Export Button



STEP 11:Then choose the Saving Option.

  • SQL Server Database : If users will choose SQL Server Database, then software will save or import the repaired MDF file in existing SQL server database. At this users will need to provide all the database credentials such as: Server Name, Database Name, Username, Password. Then select the tables, views procedure to be saved from the left-bottom panel and finally click on Export/Save button.
  • SQL Server Compatible SQL Scripts : If users will choose this option, then software will save all SQL scripts in a specific folder. At this users will need to select the tables, views procedure to be saved from the left-bottom pane and finally click on Export/Savebutton.



STEP 12: After choosing the saving options export the recovered database.



STEP 13: Select a folder for save the .sql files



STEP 14: Export as SQL server compatible SQL script, after the completion of the recovery process, software will prompt users regarding the completion process as follows:


You should click on Close button and then navigate the saving location for finding the recovered sql script file.