I Need Best SQL Backup Recovery Software

If you need best SQL Server Backup Recovery Software then, you have come to the right place. Here you will get superb SQL Backup Recovery software. This software offers amazing features for the process of SQL Backup Database Recovery.

  • You can recover views, stored procedures, rules, indexes, tables, columns, triggers, etc from SQL.bak file with it
  • You can recover both MDF file and LDF file (stored on SQL.bak file)
  • You can recover blob data (stored on BAK file). Blob Data is a field, which controls big volumes of data for each record. It is used to manage the database of SQL Server. It can be either in text format or binary format. While taking the backup of SQL Server, users can also include BLOB data. If the user has included BLOB data in SQL.bak file and the SQL backup database file is corrupted then, this blob data also gets corrupted.

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SQL Server Backup file gets corrupted due to many reasons like bad sectors of hard disk, system failures, improper shutdowns, virus infections, human errors, etc but, SQL Backup Recovery Software can resolve all the errors of corruption in BAK file. You can recover SQL.bak file of all SQL Server editions (2000, 2005 & 2008) with it. You can recover the entire database of SQL.bak file with accuracy during corruption with it. When you choose to recover SQL.bak file with SQL Backup Database Recovery software then, you get impeccable results because this software offers very simple User-Interface. You also get the multi-threaded table exporting facility with SQL BAK Recovery software for SQL Server Backup Recovery process. This facility helps in saving lots of time and efforts because you can export the entire tables' database in one go with it. A free trialing edition of this software is also available. You can preview the recovered items of SQL Backup file with this trialing edition.

Full Version - SQL Server Backup Recovery Tool

Get the full version of SQL Backup File Recovery Tool by just $149 for personal license and $399 for Business license.Just click on the following link for ordering of SQL Backup Recovery Tool.

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