How to Fix Master.mdf Database Immediately?

Master database is a kind of database that records all the system-level information for a SQL Server system. The physical name of master database is master.mdf. It records the start up information of SQL Server. Therefore, SQL Server does not start when master database is unavailable or corrupted. Master.mdf database gets corrupted or damaged due to many reasons.

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Some of the Reasons for Master Database Corruption are:

  • Addition in files or file groups
  • Change in collation, the default collation is the server collation
  • Creation of triggers on the system tables in database
  • Drop of database
  • Removal of primary file group, primary data file, or log file.
  • Renaming the database or primary file group.
  • Setting the database to OFFLINE.
  • Setting the database or primary file group to READ_ONLY.

Tool to Fix Master.mdf

You want to fix master.mdf database immediately but you don’t know “How to fix master.mdf database?"  You can use SQL Recovery Software as it is an excellent solution to your question. This tool performs tremendously.

Features of SQL Recovery software

  • Recovers tables, stored procedures, views, indexes etc
  • Compatible with Microsoft SQL Server 2000, 2005 & SQL Server 2008 database
  • Recovers predefined and default values, rules, constrain "CHECKS", user data types etc
  • Recovers primary keys, unique key, foreign keys from corrupt MDF files
  • Recovers triggers and Recover SQL database immediately
  • Imports recovered information in SQL Server Database or in a separate SQL Script file.
  • Easily process corrupted Microsoft SQL server database .MDF file and creates a SQL script with recovered database structure and data
  • Master.MDF File Recovery Tool can repair .mdf file as well as repair corrupted .ndf files also.

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