Get Resolution of SQL Error 4064

How to fix SQL error 4064 with ease & confidence. With the help of SQL Recovery Tool v6.0 you can get complete solution of this query.

In SQL server, user has a default database so when the user trying to login that database sometimes he is failed to login that default database due to SQL Error 4064. When the default database is not available at the time of connection then you may be not able to access that database. Instead, one error message will pop up on your screen.

"Cannot open user default database"

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This Type of Error Message will Come Due to The Following Reasons

  • Cannot open user default database
  • The unavailability of the default database may be due to the following reasons:
  • May be the database is in a suspect mode.
  • The database is no longer exists now.
  • May be the other user is using that connection so that the default database is not opening.
  • The database has been detached from SQL server.
  • The database may set to the RESTRICTED_USER state.
  • May be offline.
  • The database is in emergency mode.
  • May be it is a part of database mirror.

If you have fed up with this error then you can use SQL Recovery Tool. This tool is a complete solution to Fix SQL Error 4064 because it knows the problems of SQL users.

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