SQL Recovery Licensed Version to Recover SQL Database

As a SQL user I will be pleased to draw your attention towards the SQL Recovery Licensed Version, while working on SQL Servers we can go through some cases of data corruption. And that will need some advanced utility that can recover SQL database comprehensively

I lost the access of my SQL database completely because of sudden power failure which caused system shutdown and when I restarted that, my SQL MDF Files were not opening.

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Repair SQL MDF Files for Free

While searching on web I found a freeware utility named as MDF File Viewer and it was illustrated that it will repair SQL Files from all corruption situations. After downloading it, I repaired my entire database but that was not opening on MS SQL Server. As the free utility was limited with it's functioning. It provided me a scanned copy of repaired database.

Again I searched for a professional tool on internet that can open the scanned copy of repaired SQL database and I got a link "https://www.en.sqlrecoverysoftware.org/sql-data-recovery".

It offered me SQL Recovery Licensed Version which can open SQL database on all SQL Server versions, but mine was SQL Server 2005 which doesn't matter for the tool as, it is compatible with all editions.

Different Licenses Provided for SQL Data Recovery

I was provided different licenses of SQL Recovery Tool that will work on Windows platform and recover unlimited amount of MDF Files:

  • Personal license which costs $129 only and was compatible for just a single system.
  • Business license was of $229 only and it allows to work on multiple systems but at similar geographical location.
  • Enterprise licensed version of SQL Data Recovery tool permits to work on multiple computers at different geographical locations and it costs $699 only.

I got the license of Business Version for $229 only, as I work on different systems at similar locations and mishaps can occur any time. SQL Recovery licensed Version helped me in opening scanned copy of my repaired SQL database on SQL Server and I was delighted to get back the access of entire database.

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